Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar: Why and How to Use

Years ago, when I thought of starting to use Apple Cider Vinegar, stylishly called ACV, I first decided to do a little research on Google. Mr. Google gave long lists of amazing uses of ACV. Honestly, not all of them are true, I later found out. For example, every list says that ACV soothes the sore throat. When I had ACV alone (diluted with water), it made my normal throat sore, literally; and when I tried ACV and honey in water, it made no difference. Honey might have done some good to my throat but definitely not ACV.

Still, ACV has been constantly on my dressing table since years. Before I finish the older bottle, I get a new one, because I never want to go out of ACV; such are the amazing benefits of ACV; though not for sore throat, but for skin and hair for sure.

Here, I will not give you theoretical list of ACV uses, but will tell you only what I’ve experienced. And trust me, ACV is one beauty ingredient that you cannot afford to miss.

But before I share my experiences, it will be a good idea to know a bit about ACV.

What is ACV

ACV is a type of vinegar which is prepared by fermenting the apple juice. Just like normal vinegar, it is also acidic. ACV mainly contains acetic acid and citric acid. In addition, it also contains Malic acid.

Strong acids, and using them on skin and hair?? Is it right?? Good question.

The natural pH of our skin is 5.5. I hope all of you know that pH 7 is neutral. Any pH lesser than 7 is acidic, and pH more than 7 is alkaline. Coming back to skin, pH of skin is acidic. However, pH of water is 7, and most of the soaps and face washes have alkaline pH. So water and our usual cleansing agents disturb the natural pH of our skin. A disturbed skin pH damages the structure of the protective layer of skin (epidermis) and thus allows in the bacteria, dust, pollution etc. and causes moisture loss. So it is important to maintain the natural pH of the skin.

ACV, being acidic helps to bring the pH of skin towards its natural pH. However, the pH of ACV is around 2.5, which is way too acidic. This is why, it is extremely important that you use ACV with great care and precautions. NEVER use ACV undiluted. Undiluted ACV will be too harsh on your skin and hair and may even cause chemical burns.

Coming back to components and uses of ACV, it contains acetic acid which is responsible for the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities of ACV. This implies that ACV is helpful in treating and preventing pimples and acne.

Citric acid of ACV is responsible for its depigmenting action. ACV helps in removing hyperpigmentation, marks, scars, and making the skin even toned.

Another component of ACV is Malic acid which acts as an exfoliator. It has keratolytic action. That means it helps in removing dead keratin (skin) layer thus exfoliating the skin.

ACV is also rich in beta-carotene which gives ACV its anti-oxidant property.

Now, here I share how I have used and benefited from ACV in several ways:

For Hair

Oh my God… I cannot say enough about the efficacy of ACV in improving the quality of hair. First let me tell you how it can be used for hair.

How to Use


In a spray bottle, mix 1 part of ACV with at least 6-7 parts of water, and spray this mixture onto hair thoroughly. All of the hair must be soaked well in this diluted ACV. Wash your hair after 2 hours.

Mix in Hair Mask

If you are using a hair mask…. First of all… Very Good…

Mix a tablespoon of ACV in the hair mask, and see the magic happening


After you wash your hair, give your hair a final rinse with diluted ACV. Add a tablespoon of ACV in one mug of water and give your hair final rinse with this.


No matter what way you choose to apply ACV on your hair, the result will be cleaner, lustrous, silkier and shinier hair.

ACV removes any buildup of hair styling products/shampoo/conditioner from the hair thus revealing the cleaner hair and removing dullness. Also, the hair become much smoother and shinier.

ACV is also very effective in fighting dandruff. I have severe dandruff but I tend to stay away from harsh anti-dandruff shampoos and rely more on home remedies. ACV is one of my best rescues.

Even after years, I cannot stop using ACV for my hair.

For Skin

First let’s know how it can be used:

How to Use

Skin Toner

This is the best way to ensure the regular usage of ACV on face. Dilute one part of ACV with 5-6 parts of water, and fill in a bottle. Use this diluted ACV as skin toner daily. Make sure you use boiled/RO/Bisleri water, to ensure no microbial growth and a long shelf life for your skin toner.

Mix in your usual toner

If you have some another favorite skin toner (like my favorite is Rose Water), just add ACV in the bottle of your skin toner (in a ratio not more than 1:5), and enjoy the benefits of both.

Add in your face mask

When you are applying any face mask, add half a teaspoon of ACV in your face mask and improve the benefits of your face mask.


I have already mentioned the effects of ACV on skin. Owing to its anti-bacterial property, ACV helps in treating and preventing acne, eczema and other infectious skin problems.

ACV also helps in removing hyperpigmentation and keeping the face even toned.

ACV dissolves away the superficial dead skin layer and keeps the face exfoliated.

Thus, make sure to include ACV in your skin care routine. Adding ACV into the bottle of your skin toner is the easiest way to include ACV in your skin care regime without any extra efforts.

For Body

How to Use

Add in bathing water

Add 3-4 tablespoons of ACV in your tub before bathing.

Foot Soak

Add 2 tablespoons of ACV in warm water and keep your feet soaked in it for 15 minutes.


Using ACV for your body helps to fight odor causing bacteria thus getting you rid of body odor or foot odor.

Also, few people have acne on their upper back. Adding ACV in bathing water helps in better managing the body acne.

For Weight Loss

This is another sphere where ACV is still irreplaceable in my life.

How to use

Just add one tablespoon of ACV in any of your weight loss drink. Don’t forget to add honey along with it, otherwise ACV might be harsh to your throat.


While nothing can magically reduce your weight, ACV definitely aids in weight loss. To know more about ACV for weight loss, you can read ‘Weight Loss Drinks: Which is most Effective’.

Having ACV every morning also ensures good digestion and healthy bowel movements.


  • As I also stated earlier, ACV should NEVER be used undiluted. Always dilute ACV at least 5-6 times.
  • As ACV is very acidic, few people might be intolerant to it. So always start with at least 1:10 dilution. If your body/skin/hair do not negatively react, only then try the higher concentrations.
  • Always do a patch test.
  • Since ACV is an expensive product, there are several adulterated and false products in the market. Normal vinegar, added with smell of apples is sold in the name of apple cider vinegar. Beware while buying. Pure Apple cider vinegar is an expensive product, so don’t look for cheaper alternatives.
  • Always buy unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, containing ‘The Mother of vinegar’.
  • I have been using BRAGG’S, and I trust this brand. Though recently, I have tried WOW and NourishVitals too and found them fine too; but I still thing Bragg’s is the best and most trustworthy.

Final Verdict

ACV is reported to have several benefits including health benefits too such as lowering bad cholesterol and managing blood glucose levels. Though I am not sure about these effects (I never quantified), but I have experienced and can swear by amazing effects of ACV for hair and skin that I have mentioned above.

ACV is a must include in your daily skin care and hair care routine.

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