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In this era of marketing gimmicks and excessive industrialization, it is common to feel lost in plethora of choices. In a world where every advise comes with personal interests, a neutral and honest opinion might be what you are looking.

Welcome Beautiful Women

Thank you for landing in here and giving me an opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Harshita, born and brought up in Delhi. I have done Ph.D in Pharmacy and now working as Scientific Writer. After living in Europe for almost 2 years, and having a permanent setup there, I willingly and happily came back to my roots, Delhi. I am a mother of two beautiful kids.

This Website has been my long-term aspiration, and now I am more than thrilled to give my ideas a physical form and use this platform to share my experiences, knowledge and thoughts (actually my struggles, blunders, disasters and lessons that I have learnt and still learning everyday) with you all. I hold a number of interests and you will see the glimpse of most of them here. Being a girl (ok, lady) and constantly evolving in different dimensions (the journey of an over-protected daughter to an over-protective mother and a stern partner), I know how multi-faceted the life of a woman is.

We are mothers and we always thrive to be the best. Problems and issues with kids are endless; their nutrition, habits, education, mental well being, and what not. We always want the best for our little munchkins but some times cannot figure out what would be the best way to deal with the situation. None of us is perfect, but as mothers, each one of us is amazing. All of us can learn from each other. During my journey of motherhood, I have been learning a lot, from mistakes, from experiences, from other mothers, and from Google too. I am here to share my learnt lessons with you all. I hope I can be your trustworthy partner in your parenting voyage.

In the hustle of life, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Having a problematic skin since ever, I have tried several home remedies for skin (and for hair too). By now, I know what works and what does not. Let me share all with you so that you don’t waste your time and directly hit the right ones.

We, being Indian women, face unfairness and prejudice from society. I am here to share my thoughts and stories on feminism with you, which I am sure you will resonate with.

In today’s world, where we have unlimited number of products in the market, we are always confused which one to buy. Having done doctorate, I have developed a very analytical mind. Using it, I write very critical and honest product reviews for you so that you can spend your hard earned money more judiciously.

So with this blog, I just want to contribute to your lives with useful data from my experiences and convince my fellow ladies that we all should celebrate being a woman for the fact that we are so amazing. Come, lets become a better version of ourselves and grow together; lets know that we are there for each other…

Wish you a Happy Womanhood…

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Much Love


Mother and daughter

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