Homemade Exfoliating Face Wash for Oily-Normal Skin

All of us know that home remedies are very effective for skin. but the problem is time. Home remedies require a lot of efforts and time; and we do not find time for self care, for skin care.

So will it not be good if we have something which won’t require any extra time? Here I am telling you how to make an exfoliating face wash which you can make once in a while and then just keep it on your bathroom shelf or wash basin, and use it daily in place of your regular face wash. See, no extra time or efforts are needed. And to add, this will definitely give you better results than any marketed face wash or exfoliator/scrub. All the ingredients are easily available in your house and you can make it just after reading this article.

Things you Need

Rice Flour: 2 spoon

Rice Flour

The first ingredient you need is Rice flour. If you look on internet for the skin benefits of rice, you will find endless benefits. Rice promotes collagen formation and thus fights wrinkles. Rice is also reported to brighten up the skin and reduce pigmentation and marks.

We need rice in flour form because we are going to keep this face wash for weeks and also because rice in flour form is an excellent exfoliator. Along with other benefits, rice will remove the dead skin too.

It will be good to buy the rice flour from market. If you make it at home, make sure to sieve it through a cloth; yes through cloth, not through the tea strainer. Rice flour if coarse may damage your skin. So it is very important that you use only fine flour.

Chickpea Flour/Besan: 2 spoon

Chick pea flour, Besan

Besan is one of the oldest ‘Dadi ma ka nuskha’ and everyone knows about its benefits for skin. In addition to the known benefits, besan is also efficient in removing the oil from the skin. Besan is the reason why this face wash is suitable for oily skin and/or summers.

Coffee Powder: 1 spoon

Coffee powder

Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants and thus has anti-ageing action. Coffee also helps to reduce dullness and brightens up the face. It also adds to the exfoliating action of this recipe.

Eno: 1 Sachet

Eno powder

Eno is mainly sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and is an excellent brightening agent for skin. However, eno should not be used on sensitive, broken and inflamed skin due to the risk of irritation and rashes. If you are not sure, you should a patch test. You can also decrease the quantity according to your skin.

Camphor (Kapoor) (10 Tablets, powdered)

Camphor Tablets

Camphor has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it suitable for a face ‘wash’ whose purpose is to clean also. Camphor also gives a strong cooling effect thus making this face wash more suitable for summers.

Use camphor in controlled amounts because too much cooling effect might irritate the skin.

How to Make

It’s very simple. Mix all the ingredients and it’s done.

Mixing of ingredients

Fill it in a suitable bottle and replace your marketed face wash with it. Your skin care is now easy.

Powder face wash filled in bottle

How to Use

Pour some quantity on your palm, add a little water, make paste on the palm itself and rub it on your face. Rub at least for 15-20 seconds and wash off.

take powder face wash on palm
add water to make paste

It will be better if you can leave it on your face for some time. In the morning time, I think that’s easy. Apply it while brushing your teeth, and leave it till you go for shower. It’s up to you. In any case, it is much better than usual marketed face washes. And exfoliation…. you need to use it once to know how much exfoliated and smooth it leaves your skin. Do try it and you will know.

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