Best Home Remedy for hair fall

These days, you would hardly find any girl who is not suffering from excessive hair loss. Every girl or woman around me is seeking remedies for hair fall.

There are several reasons of increased hair fall, including use of chemicals based shampoos and oils, use of conditioners, pollution, poor eating habits, junk food, lack of nutrients in the body, increased incidences of various diseases, unhealthy sleep pattern, and stress.

Though we should, but we cannot entirely eliminate all the causes of hair fall from our lives. So, the only option we are left with is to treat hair fall specifically.

For specific treatment, few people turn to dermatologists for the allopathic treatment of hair fall (which is actually effective), but several still look for the home remedies (which too are really effective if done correctly).

So for those girls and ladies, here I am sharing a home remedy for hair fall which has been one of the most effective solutions for hair loss (as per my own experience).

How I came to know about it

So in one particular year, almost everyone in my family suffered from chikungunya. Chikungunya is one such disease whose painful after effects are felt till very long. And to add to that pain, hair fall takes its worst possible form. So all the ladies in my family were worried about the hair loss and were seeking solutions. One fine day, my sister in law happily told me that she is no more having hair fall. And then she told me about this DIY hair oil. I made it, tried it and I started feeling the difference from the first use itself. Within a month, my hair loss was reduced by 80%.

Ok, enough of the background, let’s know the remedy now. But do read the post till the end because I will share the success stories in the end.

Things you need

Coconut Oil: 500 ml

Bhringraj powder: One heaped Tablespoon

Jatamansi powder: One heaped Tablespoon

Camphor (Kapoor): 20 tablets

I initially added only these 3 things; later I also started adding Amla powder and curry leaves for other benefits. For hair fall, you can manage with these three only.

Coconut Oil
Ingredients of DIY anti-hair fall oil

Coconut oil can be of any brand, which ever you trust. I always use Patanjali (Not sponsored).

Camphor or Kapoor is the same that we use for religious purposes.

Bhringraj and Jatamansi are easily available at shops which sell ayurvedic stuff and must be available online also. You may also find these at usual Grocery Stores.

You might not find the jatamansi powder and instead get jatamansi roots. No problem, use a handful of the roots in place of jatamansi powder.

How to Make

Take coconut oil (say 500 ml) in a pan (or kadhai). Put it on the stove. Add 1 heaped tablespoon of Bhringraj powder and 1 heaped tablespoon of Jatamansi powder to the oil. Turn on the gas and keep the flame low.

DIY haifr oil put on gas stove

Now simply let the oil simmer for at least 20 minutes.

DIY Oil simmering on gas stove

After 20 minutes, turn the gas off. Then add around 20 tablets of camphor and immediately cover the vessel. (Do not forget to cover after adding camphor).

Now let it sit till it cools down. Once it is cooled to room temperature, pour the prepared oil back into the empty coconut oil jar, and it is ready to be used.

DIY haifr oil put back in jar

Don’t worry about the powders in the oil. They will settle down in the jar. You may strain it if you want, but it is not needed.

How to Use

Apply the oil normally like any other hair oil, on the scalp and along the length of the hair. Leave it overnight and wash next morning.

Use it twice a week.

Once you finish the oil, you can use the leftover powders in the jar as a hair pack. Add the powders (which will be having some oil also) in a bowl of curd and apply on your hair. Wash your hair after 1-2 hours.

Or you can simply throw it, your choice.

Success Stories

Almost everyone in my family benefited from this oil. The only difference was that I experienced the effect from the first use while others took around a month to notice improvement.

After such good feedback, I suggested this oil to a friend of mine who was extremely worried about her hair fall. After starting using, her responses were:

1st wash: “instant improvement in texture of hair. No difference in hair fall”.

1 month: “Texture of the hair is very much improved. For hair fall, there is some improvement”.

2 months: “Hair fall is very much reduced”.

3 months: “Almost no hair loss since last two washes. 🙂 . Thank you so much”.

Proof of efficiency of DIY hair oil
Proof of Efficiency of DIY hair oil


So, it might take a couple of months, but this remedy is very effective. If you are fed up of your hair fall and failed remedies, do try this one.

And if this too fails, then it means that the weakness is not in your hair, weakness is in your body. Only a dermatologist can help you.

So before heading to dermatologist, give this a try. It will work in 80% of cases.

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  1. I tried and it’s working . I noticed a little bit of improvement after a week.Thanks a lot??????

  2. I tried and it’s working . I noticed a little bit of improvement after first use.Thanks a lot??????

  3. Tried it today..
    Hair texture really improved and will continue to use it to see if it really stops hairfall or not

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