DIY Face Toner for Brighter & Younger Skin

DIY face toner (rice and green tea)
DIY Face toner for brighter skin

You have to agree that DIYs and home remedies for skin are much better than the marketed beauty products. Why? Because… First, they are free of chemicals, and secondly and more importantly, they are more efficient. What? You don’t believe me? Try yourself. Let’s make a face toner today.

Skin Benefits

It is made up of Rice and Green tea. I hope you already know the skin benefits of rice and green tea, but in case you don’t, let me tell you briefly. With continuous use, rice (or rice water) makes your skin brighter, reduces pigmentation, removes tan, and decreases the signs of ageing. Green tea works as an antioxidant, and reduces signs of ageing and fights acne.

When home remedies and DIYs have these many benefits, then why don’t you make them? What? You don’t have time? What if I say you just need 2 minutes to make it. Again, don’t believe me? Try yourself.

Now, let’s make it.

Please pardon me if you find the quality of the photos poor. I forgot to take the photos and just made video for my Instagram and YouTube channel. I have taken video captures for this write up.


Step 1:

Do you make rice at home? Yes? Good! Put rice to cook in an open vessel, with around 5X-6X water.

DIY Face toner Step 1
DIY Face toner Step 1

Step 2:

Once the water starts boiling, take out 1-2 ladle full of water (now it’s rice water) from the vessel in a glass.

DIY Face toner Step 2
DIY Face toner Step 2
DIY Face toner Step 2
DIY Face toner Step 2

Step 3:

Add a small spoon of Green Tea in this rice water, mix, and cover.

DIY Face toner Step 3
DIY Face toner Step 3
DIY Face toner Step 3
DIY Face toner Step 3

Step 4:

Once cooled down, filter this rice and green tea water, and fill up in a spray bottle.

DIY Face toner Step 4
DIY Face toner Step 4
DIY Face toner Step 4
DIY Face toner Step 4

And… It’s done.

DIY Rice and Green Tea Face Toner
DIY Rice and Green Tea Face Toner


After cleansing and pat drying your face, spray a generous amount of this rice and green tea face toner on your face, and let it dry on its own. Use twice a day.


During winters, store it at room temperature. During summers, store in the fridge.


You can use this face toner for 5-7 days. Then again make it fresh when you make rice the next time. Simple!


Make it a little extra and use it in your face packs too.


The contact time and the amount of the product used is very less (for any toner). So toners do not produce any magical results. But this DIY toner surely gives you results that you expect from a toner, and performs better than any marketed one does.

Want Better Results?

Want better results, use this consistently twice a day, use this in your face pack too, and follow more home remedies, and you will definitely be rewarded with brighter, healthier, glowing and even toned skin.

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See you next time. Take care!


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