How I got rid of Dry Skin

Winters are approaching fast and in no time we will be flaunting our stylish jackets.

While winter fashion makes us all excited about winter season, winter skin makes us worried.

Dry skin is the most common problem during winters. And few are even more unlucky like me who bear the problems of oily skin in summers and yet have to face dry skin in winters. I get patches of dry skin on my face during winters which I fail to restrain myself scratching, and then I get a scar there. So in addition to dry, my face becomes patchy having light scars all over.

I googled every winter season and found several suggestions such as honey, aloe vera etc. I tried all and nothing worked.  No doubt these ingredients are amazing for skin, but they are totally ineffective in combating dry skin patches. I found few more tips such as do not use hot water to wash your face. Okay fine, this will help in problem not getting worse, but the problem is still there; even if we don’t use hot water, the chill is enough to rob our skin of moisture.

So over the years, I tried several things to handle this problem, and here is the list of things that helped:

 1. Apply a thick moisturizer as a mask

girl having beauty mask on her face

Find a good thick moisturizer lotion or cream, and apply it as mask on your face. Leave it on your face for as long as you can. The moisture will soften the dry skin. Remove the mask with the help of a damp cotton swab. The dead skin would come off.

2. Milk cream (Malai)

Milk cream (Malai)
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Malai is one of the oiliest things available in nature, so make good use of it. Apply a lot of it on your skin to make the dead dry skin soft which will easily come off, and also to prevent your skin from drying up further.

3. Massage creams and gels

Massage cream

Massage creams and gels hydrate your skin. Massaging your face with them for at least 5 minutes hydrates your skin like anything and when you wipe off your face with wet cotton or towel, your face will get rid of the dry dead skin.

4. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, which we commonly know as Vaseline, may also solve the purpose. Apply a thick layer of it, and wipe off. It will work the same way as all above.

5. Keep your body and skin hydrated

Water splash

In winters, we tend to drink very less water, and this greatly contributes to drying up the skin. Drink enough water in winters too. Along with your body, your skin needs it too. In addition to hydrating your skin from inside (by drinking water), you should hydrate your skin from outside also. To hydrate your skin, splash your face with water, and then let it dry on its own; do not use towel or anything. This way, your skin will be able to absorb as much water as it needs.

6. Facial

A girl getting facial
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If you do not have time for DIYs, consider getting a good facial in a salon. That too will remove the dry skin patches from your face easily.

7. Patanjali Kaya kalp oil

Patanjali Kayakalp Oil

Now comes the star of this article. Girls…. This product works like magic, and I am not exaggerating.

This is the panacea for dry skin. I used this oil around a couple of years ago, and I have not faced the problem of dry skin since then (and I do not need other remedies any more).

But if this oil is a sure shot solution for dry skin, then why I am mentioning it in the end, and why any other remedy is needed?

Good question…

Because this oil smells awful…  the smell is so horrible that I had to make a choice between dealing with the smell or dealing with the dry skin. Clearly, I chose dealing with the smell and getting rid of the dry skin, and I am glad I made this choice.

So go for this oil only when all the above remedies fail.

I will write a detailed review on patanjali kaya kalp oil mentioning all the details about it, how to use, pros and cons, etc.

Till then…

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