How to keep your hair strong

I have previously put a post on DIY hair oil for hair fall, and I received several queries and amazing response. Seems hair fall is one of the most common problems these days.

While that oil is really effective, overall health of hair is important to keep them strong and prevent hair loss. So here I have compiled a few points that you should keep in mind and follow to keep your hair strong and avoid hair fall.

Healthy Body

Healthy body is the first and foremost requirement for healthy hair. If you have ever taken treatment for hair fall, you must know that doctors prescribe multivitamins and iron. So this means that in order to stop hair fall, your body’s need of nutrients should be fulfilled.

Take a healthy and balanced diet and keep your body strong if you want to keep your hair strong.

Stay Dandruff Free

Dandruff is the biggest enemy of hair, so make sure you keep it away from your scalp. Not only it is embarrassing and inconvenient, it also makes the hair weak. Although dandruff does not directly lead to hair fall, there are more than one indirect reasons how dandruff contributes to hair fall.

First, Dandruff is most of the times a result of bacterial or fungal infection, so the bacteria or fungus that is causing dandruff can also be making your hair weak. Secondly, scratching can damage the follicle resulting in weakening of hair. And lastly, hair growing out of flaky scalp are weaker than growing in a clean and healthy scalp.

So if you have dandruff, get rid of it first. There are several home remedies that can help. But if they don’t, seek medical help.

I myself have been dealing with dandruff since years, but since last few months I have been able to decrease it considerably. I can share the tips in my next post if my readers ask for.

Stop using Conditioner

It has been a topic of debate if we should use conditioner or not. We tend to believe that conditioners detangle our hair and thus prevent hair fall. But on the other hand, conditioners are all harmful chemicals which would weaken the hair.

Nonetheless, I used conditioners for years. But a few months ago when I heard Baba Ramdev strictly saying no to conditioners in order to decrease hair fall, I thought of giving it a try. For next couple of times, I did not use conditioner, and there was a little decrease in hair fall. So since then, I stopped using conditioners and it has been helpful. Though to keep my hair soft and manageable, I use a home made hair mask which works even better than marketed conditioners.

Protect from Pollution and UV Rays

Pollution is all harmful chemicals, so needless to say what it would do to your hair. Protect your hair from pollution.

Hair should also be protected from UV rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays causes loss of hair protein and may also cause color change. UV rays damage the cuticle (outer layer) of hair resulting in split ends, dry, frizzy, and thin hair. So always cover our hair with a scarf while out in sun.

Right Way of Oiling

All of us know that oiling is very important for hair. It indeed is. Oiling gives hair much needed moisture and nutrition. Do not shampoo your hair without oiling (unless your hair are extremely oily).

However, do we know the right way of oiling? Usually, we oil our hair one night before shampooing. While this makes sense considering our hair remain oiled overnight, I doubt it is not actually good. Recently, for some reason, I could not put oil a night before, so I oiled my hair the same day and shampooed after 1-2 hours. Surprisingly, hair loss during shampoo was much reduced than usual. Since I could not find any other obvious reason for this, I thought of experimenting with the time of oiling. Since then, I tried a number of times; I had less hair fall when I oiled the same day, and I had more hair fall when I oiled a day before.

So I conclude that while oiling is extremely necessary, oil should not stay in hair for too long. The best way is to prepare a mixture of good hair oils and essentials oils, massage it on the scalp, and shampoo after 2-3 hours.

Do not let hair stay wet for long

Moisture in your hair for too long weakens them. So whenever they are wet, make sure to air dry them as soon as possible (do not give any heat to hair for drying).

DIY Hair Masks

I know we all tend to be very busy these days and don’t find time for DIYs, but trust me, DIY hair masks are not that difficult or time taking. It can be as simple as just curd, or a mashed banana, but do use hair masks.

Avoid Heat and Chemical Treatments

Heat is absolutely detrimental for your hair. Heat treatments such as straightening should be minimally used. Coloring, dyeing and other chemical treatments are also damaging to hair and should be avoided as much as possible.

No Stress

Stress is another big enemy of hair. When you are in stress, your hair are the first to bear the consequence. So make sure to manage your stress better.

Adequate Sleep

Not only for healthy body, adequate amount of sleep is essential for healthy hair as well. In today’s busy and stressful lifestyle, find out at least 6-7 hours to sleep peacefully.

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