Dear Parents, Please don’t kill your child’s Humanity

I wrote this piece around two years ago, when a six years old child Pradyuman was murdered in the washroom of his school. Sharing this write up now.

Having a one year old in my lap and being already anxious about sending her to one of the best schools in Delhi, I was scared to death when I heard that a bus conductor killed an innocent child in the washroom of a high profile school which was on my list of the preferred schools for my daughter. Earlier, when Armaan Malik slipped and died in another reputed school, I had made a note in my mind that I would check the floor and inspect the medical rooms of the schools before finalizing one for my daughter. Later, when a conductor was alleged of sexually exploiting and killing a kid in the school premises, I made another note to verify police verification documents of entire staff, and check if the school has separate and safe washrooms exclusively for kids.

But now, I am speechless when CBI has found a 16 years old student of the same school to be the doer of this heinous crime. Now, I sit startled, thinking how I can ensure the safety of my child in a world where monsters are roaming around in the face of human beings. What all should I now remember to check when I’ll send my daughter to the school. What mental note should I make now. And while turning upside down in the turmoil of the thoughts, I realized that now it is the time for me and all the parents to take a pledge that we will not make monsters out of the innocent souls that God has blessed us with.

In the race of making our kids the doctors and engineers, we forget to make them human beings. We focus so much on their academic development that we forget to give right shape to their spiritual development. Thinking that whom do we earn for, we give the latest technology gadgets to our kids and bury their childhood in the flashy screens which hinder their mental growth and development of social skills. We bury them in the aggressive video games which teach them only to kill mercilessly. They spend so much time killing that they forget that real life is not a video game and life of everyone is precious. Telling them the value of their grades all the time, we forget to tell them the value of emotions, sharing, caring, sensitivity, and humanity.

To inculcate these values in our children, spending quality time with them has no substitute. In today’s sprint of earning more, we tend to spend less or no quality time with our children on account of being busy in earning a better life for them. But, if prioritized properly, parents can still manage to spend time with their little ones by keeping their smart phones, daily soaps and kitty parties on the back seat.

As a parent, my job is not only to ensure the safety of my kid; but also to ensure the safety of every kid who comes in contact with her. My duty is not only to keep my kid safe, but also to keep her humanity safe. My duty is not only to give her whatever she asks for, but to give her the things that won’t kill the human inside her. My duty is not only to make my child a great scholar, but also to make her a great human being.

So, as a parent, I literally beg to every parent out there to please make your child a good human being to ensure the safety of my child; and I promise to do the same to ensure the safety of your child.

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