How I saved my baby from diaper rash

We cannot even imagine how our mothers survived the time when there were no diapers; we cannot even imagine how miserable our lives would become if there were no diapers. Diapers have made our life much easier. Our movement with our babies is possible only because of the heavenly diapers. But if diapers are such big a blessing to us, then why do all the elders around keep asking us to not to use diapers on our babies; why do we ourselves are always filled with a sense of guilt that we use diapers… the answer to these questions is DIAPER RASH. Yes, it’s the diaper rash that comes along as a side effect of using these heavenly diapers.

Diaper rash makes the diapers necessary evil; it is unavoidable but it is also an evil at the same time. So, what can we do to keep our little munchkins away from diaper rash. Luckily, I knew few things since beginning, and learnt a few more with time; and by following them religiously, I could save my child from the pain. My daughter has hardly got diaper rash ever. How… Let’s know. First of all, you need to understand why diaper rash happen? It happens because of the moisture. Prolonged wetness or moisture in the skin leads to diaper rash. So, keeping this in mind, let’s understand the following tricks:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the savior. I cannot thank coconut oil enough. It works much better than any diaper rash cream available in the market. Actually, any agent that is meant to prevent the diaper rash is supposed to make a protective film over the skin so that moisture does not reach to the skin. Coconut oil, being an oil, and a viscous oil, makes a thick water proof coating over your baby’s bums and thus does not let moisture reach the skin. No marketed diaper rash cream makes a better and more water proof film than coconut oil. I have used it for my daughter since day 1, and as I said, rashes have never been a problem for her. Just apply a generous amount of coconut oil on the diaper area of your baby before every diaper. Place a waste sheet beneath to save your bedspreads from getting oiled.

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2. Never apply oil/cream on a damp skin

As I stated above, the oil (or cream) forms a water proof layer over the skin so that moisture does not reach to the skin, it works vice versa also; that means, if there is already moisture in the skin, the oil layer will not let it evaporate either and the moisture will be entrapped into the skin thus giving your baby rashes. So, make sure that your baby’s skin is completely dry before applying anything.

3. Don’t expect anti-rash action from body lotion or moisturizer

I have seen few mothers substituting coconut oil/anti-rash cream with body lotions and then complaining about diaper rash. Dear mothers, please understand, a body lotion has exactly the opposite action. It is meant to provide moisture to the skin. There is no water proof element in a body lotion or moisturizer. If you want to apply lotion on your baby’s bums, do apply, but then wait for it to get completely absorbed by the skin and skin being dry at the top. Then apply coconut oil/anti-rash cream. And by the way, if you are using coconut oil, you don’t need to apply any moisturizing cream. Coconut oil itself keep your baby’s bums soft and supple.

4. Give your baby some free time in between

No matter how convenient diapers are for us, they are actually inconvenient for our babies. So after every soiled diaper, after every poop, leave your baby without diaper for a couple of hours. Doing this becomes very easy if your baby has a set poop schedule. You know when your baby will not poop and you can leave him/her without diapers. But even if your baby does not poop at fixed time, give him at least 2-3 diaper free hours after every poop.

5. No powders

Powders will never be able to save your baby from diaper rash. Powders only absorb moisture, they are not water proof. If you have applied (a lot of) powder, it will initially protect the skin by absorbing the moisture, but once exhausted, it will not be able to prevent moisture from reaching the skin. You can apply powder to soothe your baby’s skin, but do not expect much from a powder in terms of anti-rash activity.

6. One size up

You can try using one size bigger. Fitted diaper will irritate your baby more.

7. Use pant style diapers

‘Active babies ko diaper pehnana hai kitna mushkil’…. Remember? Pant style diapers were first introduced by Pampers, and they were promoted by claiming that they are much easier to be put on. Honestly, I always found that a stupid claim. That actually is a stupid claim. Though I was not even married then, but by my common sense, I always knew that pant style is even more difficult to put on, and it actually is, I found out later. But, still I swear by using only pant style diapers for my baby. Because the normal tape diapers stay in very close proximity with the skin. They are very well fitted at the bum area and stay in contact with the skin. While, pant style diapers are good fitted at the waist and thigh region, but they sort of hang down at the bum area. They are less in contact with the skin. So, pant style diapers are a better choice.

8. Don’t wait for the diaper to be completely exhausted

Don’t wait for the diaper to be completely exhausted and change it beforehand. Yes, change the diaper before it becomes completely exhausted. Do not make your child feel the wetness even for some time.

So this is all I did to keep my baby pain free. Now you mothers too make these hacks and tricks a habit to keep diaper rash away from your babies.

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