How I treated my Baby’s Constipation

Recently, I have joined several Moms’ groups on Facebook, and I realized that constipation in babies is a very common problem. It is very common, yet very painful. I understand because I have seen my daughter suffering from constipation and I remember how miserable I used to be at that time. Luckily, now I have found 3 remedies that worked magically against constipation. Coincidentally, all these 3 remedies were discovered by chance, by luck I would say. And thus, now my baby is fine.

Constipation is not only about pain (though it is the worst part), it is much more than that. When the baby is constipated, he becomes restless and cranky. When the bowel movements are not proper, the baby also does not eat properly, and it is not good for the overall health.

I feel like telling these remedies to every mother and help them get out of this situation. In the groups on facebook, I tried to answer all the queries, but since it is about young babies, I don’t want to give half information. That is the reason I am writing this post, so that I can share everything that I know with fellow mothers.

So here are those 3 solutions:

Aimil Chyawanprash Awaleha

Aimil chyawanprash

This was a discovery by chance. I was at a Scientific Conference, and there was a stall of Aimil. I saw their chyawanprash and bought it to just give it a try. I started giving to my daughter in a dose little more than what was recommended on the package. After 4-5 days, my daughter had loose motions, although it was not severe. I kept trying to figure out the reason, and then it clicked that it can be due to aimil chyawanprash. I stopped it for 3-4 days, and then restarted it with lesser dose. And then phew…  the magic happened, my daughter’s bowel movements became perfectly fine. She also started eating better (though still a fussy eater).

I later recommended it to my nephew (7-8 years old). He too was completely cured of constipation, and a boy who once used to cry whenever asked to have his meals, started asking for food even before the meal times. He started feeling hungry.

I am a big big fan of Aimil Chyawanprash.

When I ran out of the bottle that I bought from the conference, I went to several chemist shops but could not find. It was not even available on amazon (still wondering why a product like this isn’t available anywhere). But I badly wanted this, so while looking for it, I landed on the official website of Aimil. Thank God I found it there. Ordered immediately.

Price: Rs. 499 for 500 grams

But on Aimil website, you will get some discount, but there will be delivery charges. Whatever the price is, it is worth.

Almond Oil

Almond oil

I started giving my daughter almond oil to boost her brain development and keep her healthy. But I noticed that her constipation magically disappeared. It was a big relief. (You might be thinking that when I had already cured her constipation with aimil, how I cured it again. Good question. I’ll answer it at the end).


I have always used Hamdard Rogan Badam Shirin, so I will suggest only that. For skin too, only rogan badam shirin helped and not any other almond oil; so I am suggesting only this brand. Any other brand might be good and helpful, but I don’t know.

Almond oil is very warm in nature, and since we are talking about very young children, we need to be even more cautious. Depending on the age of your child, start with very little quantity, even as less as one drop if the baby is too young. See if your baby shows any negative signs, any allergy, any break out or something of that sort. If your baby accepts it well, you can increase the quantity. I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot suggest the exact quantities, also every child may have different tolerance, but I can share my experience. My daughter is around 3.5 years old and I give her 1 spoon in the morning (mixed in her oatmeal). I started when she was 2.5 years old, and I started with 1/4th spoon. Gradually increased it to half and now to one spoon.

Basically, see how old your child is, how much he can tolerate, and at what dose constipation is cured.

On & On Kavachprash

On and On kawachprash

On & On is a company that sells its products through direct selling (these products are not available on shops). A friend suggested me this product and I bought after reading its strong ‘boosts immunity’ claims. I was desperately looking something that would boost my daughter’s immunity.

This fulfilled my expectations and really helped in improving my baby’s immunity, but in addition, it also helped in curing constipation. I give it to my daughter in the recommended dose and there never been any side effects.

Price: Rs. 1275 for 1 kg

This is also available on amazon and it is much cheaper there. However, I have never ordered from amazon.  

So out of these three things, choose one at a time and the problem of constipation in your baby will be solved.

Also, follow the following practices:

  • Give a lot of water.
  • Making the child drink Luke Warm Water may help.
  • Give high fiber foods such as oats.
  • Add Ghee in the meals.
  • Don’t forget condiments like Jeera, Ajwain, Hing etc. Add these in the meals. Hing paste can be applied on the navel.
  • In many cases, milk is the reason of constipation. Milk contains lactose and few babies are lactose intolerant. Check if milk is the reason? Stop giving milk for one week and see if there is any improvement in constipation. If Yes, then milk can be the reason.

Oh yes, How did I treat one problem three times? The answer is that no matter how good something is, the body becomes habitual of it and thus stops responding to it after some time. First I gave Aimil Chyanwanprash, but after 6-8 months, my daughter again became constipated (though not as severe as before). Then I started giving almond oil, and again the problem was solved.

Presently, I am giving my baby the almond oil (for brain) and Kawachprash (for immunity) both, and her digestion is doing perfectly fine.

I hope this helps and your baby will now be relieved of the pain.

Good Luck Mommies… Love to your Little Ones…

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