Amazing uses of Coconut Oil for babies: My Experience

Coconut oil for babies: Coconut oil was the first and only hair oil that I knew for first few years of my life. It was only after years when I realized that coconut oil is just an option for hair and there are several other choices too. I hope this has been the case with most of us, right? So this popularity of coconut oil clearly indicates towards its amazing benefits for hair. As I grew up and social media, YouTube, health blogs etc. crept into my daily routine, I read about several other benefits of coconut oil too. However, I really never believed them. They sound very theoretical and not practical at all. ‘What the oil contains’, ‘how it is supposed to work’ etc. was not that I wanted to know; I wanted to know how good it actually works or worked for someone.

So, till three years back, coconut oil was just an oil for me, an agent meant to make my hair oily before shampooing them. But when my daughter was born three years ago, few fellow mothers told me about a couple of uses of coconut oil for babies. I tried and it worked. That made me consider coconut oil for its other said uses too. As the problem with infants and toddlers are endless, I kept finding solutions on internet. Few articles suggested coconut oil as the solution and I tried it again.

So basically, I tried coconut oil for everything that I could. And here, I am summarizing my experience with it. Here I am listing the five problems that coconut oil really worked against. Continue reading below to know the five amazing uses of coconut oil for babies (infants-toddlers):

As a Diaper Rash cream

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This is the first use of coconut oil for babies because no other cream or product works as good as this against the diaper rashes. I have always used only coconut oil for my baby and she never faced the problem of rashes. So, for diaper rashes, coconut oil is the best choice because it is most effective and yet natural and safe. (Stay tuned to the website to know more on this).

As Hair Oil for faster hair growth

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Here, I want to share my own experience. My daughter was born with very less hair. Since she was born in winters, I used almond oil on her head. But as the summers started approaching, almond oil could no longer be used. So I switched to coconut oil. After a week or so, I felt that my baby appeared very different but could not figure out why. But when her granny saw her after around 10 days of using coconut oil, she exclaimed ‘wow, she has grown a lot of hair’. Oh, so that was her ‘a lot of hair’ that made her appear different. It was magical. My daughter, who was almost bald till 4 months of age, grew a lot of hair just in 10 days after using coconut oil for her hair. Do I need to say more?

Skin Moisturizer

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Coconut oil has always been suggested to be used as moisturizer, but we are obsessed with marketed expensive moisturizers. Ok, for adults, I can understand that we cannot use oil on our body and go out. However, I wanted to give coconut oil a try for my baby. And yes, it worked. Obviously, its moisturizing and long lasting abilities could not match the marketed thick creamy lotions, but for babies, it could be and should be used. It is natural and works fine too for babies. It could prevent drying of skin at least for few hours.

Prevent and Heal Mosquito Bites

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During childhood, I always heard my grandma suggesting me to apply coconut oil at mosquito bite. And though I followed her instructions, I never felt any difference. Probably I was too young to quantify the results. But now, I could clearly observe that applying coconut oil on insect bites on my baby’s skin made a difference. Being a researcher, I have a habit of confirming the results by having a control. So when my daughter had two similar mosquito bites, I applied coconut oil on only one; and trust me, there was a visible difference. The redness and inflammation was instantly reduced by coconut oil.

Although for ‘Preventing’ the mosquito bites, I could never really quantify the effect. I did apply coconut oil on her body (because it works for other problems, I believed it would work for this too), but I cannot state confidently how well it worked. A control experiment was never run. I never took my daughter out without applying a mosquito repellent (coconut oil or good night roll on) to see how many bites she gets. So I don’t know how effective it is in repelling mosquitoes, but there is no harm in applying coconut oil.

Prevent Scars

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When I had a bad wound scar, Google told me to use coconut oil to fade it away. Again, I did not believe, and so did not try. But for my baby, I was more concerned about long lasting scars of wounds and mosquito bites. So I tried this on her. I started applying coconut oil as soon as the wound healed, and the scars were much lighter than expected. And yes, I ran control test too. I did not use the oil on few scars, and they were darker and took longer to fade away (natural fading).

So these are my experiences with coconut oil for babies. Please give it a try and trust me, your life will become a little easier.

If you know and have experienced any other uses of coconut oil, please do let us know in comments.

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