Kajal Review: Maybelline vs L’Oreal

Selection of a good Kajal is always a difficult task; it is difficult for me at least. If you have found a good one, help me too by suggesting it in the comment box. Meanwhile I will continue my research and experiments.

This time, I compared L’Oreal and Maybelline, the two leading make up brands. I bought four Kajal pencils of these two brands and compared.

The four Kajal pencils compared here are

Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs

Maybelline Colossal Kajal 24 hrs

L’Oreal Magique Bold

L’Oreal Magique

I will talk all comparative, and will keep everything to the point. So, Let’s Start.

First, Let us see the pictures and claims


Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs

Maybelline Super Black Kajal

Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs claims that it is 2 times blacker and lasts for 36 hours. (36 hours? Is it not too unrealistic to even claim?).

On the back, it says ‘Boldest Black Look’, ‘contains oil for smooth gliding application’, ‘two times blacker look’, etc.

Maybelline the Colossal Kajal 24 hrs

Maybelline the colossal kajal

Maybelline Colossal Kajal 24 hrs claims that it is deep black, lasts 24 hours and is smudge proof. It also says that it contains aloe vera and has black fix formula.

Aloe vera? Like really? Why? What’s the point? And how much could a kajal contain something like aloe vera, what would such less quantity do? All marketing gimmicks.

L’Oreal Magique Bold

L'Oreal Magique Bold Kajal

L’Oreal Magique bold claims 2 times Vitamin E (2 times in comparison to what? Don’t Know), is water proof and smudge proof for 14 hours.

However, according to the back side, it is smudge proof for upto 12 hours. They seem confused. Anyway, it also claims to contain Cocoa butter, Olive Oil and vitamin C. They are giving too much; all we wanted are black pigments.

L’Oreal Magique

L'Oreal Magique Kajal

L’Oreal Magique Kajal claims that it is water proof and 12 hours smudge proof.

The back side of the packaging is exactly same (except price) as that of Magique Bold. It also contains Vitamin E, but this time it is not important enough to be mentioned at the front.

Don’t know which kajal contains what, what is true and what is a lie. Never mind, we are only concerned about how they perform as a kajal.


Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs: Rs 300

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 24 hrs: Rs. 180

L’Oreal Magique Bold: Rs. 275

L’Oreal Magique: Rs. 290

Pigmentation and Texture

Pigmentation test of Kajals

As you can see, (or might not see clearly in the pictures, let me tell you), both the L’Oreal Kajals are almost same in terms of pigmentation and texture. They both are dark enough, and have somewhat creamy look and texture. However, L’Oreal Magique is little more creamier than L’Oreal Magique Bold.

Maybelline 24 hrs is very dark, highly pigmented, and very matte.

Contrary to its claims, Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs is the lightest of all. It surprisingly is very less pigmented, and not so matte.

Let me mention one thing here: creamier might sound better, but creamier the kajal is, more it will smudge. Creamy is not a good thing in case of Kajal.

Smudge Test

To check the smudging, I tapped all the strokes 10 times with my index finger. See how much they smudged

Smudging test of Kajals

Now this is clearly visible in the pictures.

L’Oreal Magique Bold smudged a little.

L’Oreal Magique smudged a little more.

Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs showed almost no smudging.

But Maybelline 24 hrs smudged heavily.

These results are quite relatable, more the pigmentation, more the smudging.

Water Proof Test

To check their water proof properties, I poured water on my hand. I made sure that stream of water is not direct on any of the stroke, and water comes gliding on all the strokes.

Water did not change the look of any stroke at all. (Sorry, forgot to click the picture)

Washing Test

Finally, I washed my arm with a face wash (did not rub much). And here are the results.

Water Proof Test of Kajals

Smudging was washed off completely.

Both the L’Oreal kajals were lightened moderately.

Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs was almost washed away.

Maybelline 24 hrs was not washed away much


  Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 24 hrs L’Oreal Magique Bold L’Oreal Magique
Price 300 180 275 290
Consistency Worst Best Good Okay
Smudge Proof Best (No smudging at all) Worst (Heavy smudging) Very Less smudging Smudged
Water Proof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Washing away Washed away completely Did not wash away Lightened Lightened

Final Verdict

If I have to choose one of these, I will choose L’Oreal Magique Bold; it is optimum from all points of view .

Although Maybelline 24 hrs is much more pigmented, it also smudged the most.

And Maybelline Super Black 36 hrs is no way two times blacker and all that. However, I might use it because it washes away easily, and it is a good practice to wash away all your make up before going to bed.


These are just comparative tests. Every Kajal performs differently for everyone. Smudging of Kajal depends on several factors. It is possible that in your eyes, L’Oreal also smudges, or even Maybelline does not.

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