WOW Onion Black seed Hair Oil: Experience and Review

When WOW brand was launched, it did an amazing campaigning. Even the name was very heavy… WOW Skin Science. We could see reviews of WOW products everywhere, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, literally everywhere. Several famous youtubers and influencers were posting positive reviews about WOW products. I did not see even a single negative review. These many praises definitely made me doubt that these all are paid reviews.  But paid campaign does not imply that the products are not good. Also, the positive reviews aroused a curiosity in me to try WOW. So I decided to try WOW onion black seed hair oil.

Wow onion hair oil

Onion is another agent that has recently gained popularity in the industry of hair products. Now we have onion hair oils from several brands.

WOW onion black seed hair oil makes several amazing promises and claims, and so anyone would naturally be tempted to buy it. But before you buy and risk your hard earned money, I am here to tell you if it is worth or not.

What are Onion black seeds

My first confusion was about the onion black seeds. We have heard that onion juice is good for hair, but we hadn’t heard about onion seeds. At least I had not. We don’t see any seeds in the onions that we use. So I Googled about it.

Onion black seeds are black colored seeds obtained from the stems of onion plants. They look like kalonji, but are different.

Onion Black seeds

There are also green seeds that are obtained from plants of spring onions.

Then I looked for the benefits of onion black seeds. According to google, this has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and thus cures infections if any. Onion seed oil helps against premature graying, hair fall, dandruff, thinning of hair etc., basically, in all the hair problems. There are many skin and health benefits reported too, but let’s not go into that.

Let’s start with the review of WOW Onion Black seed hair oil.


This oil comes in rich chocolate brown colored transparent plastic bottle. It has a pump nozzle for dispensing which I liked most about it. I always find applying hair oil troublesome, but with nozzle it is easy. I pump out oil directly on the scalp and thus there is no dripping. There is outer cardboard carton, also of brown color with a lot of information written on it.

Nozzle of wow Onion Oil


Price of Wow Onion Oil

Rs 599 for 200 ml

For a hair oil, the price is too high. But hair problems like excessive hair fall, dryness etc. have become so common these days that customers are ready to pay higher price if the product is effective. Is it effective? Let’s see.


Claims of Wow Onion Oil

There are several claims , written on all the four sides:

  • Non-sticky, Non-greasy hair oil,
  • For silkier & stronger hair,
  • Tames Frizz,
  • Reduces Hair Fall,
  • Boosts Gloss,
  • Balances Scalp,
  • No Mineral Oil, No Silicones,
  • 100% Pure Cold Pressed Oil Blend,
  • 100% Hexane free,
  • Fast absorbing

And then there is a long paragraph on the benefits and magic of Onion Black seed oil and this WOW formulation, which I am too lazy to write. But there are too many boasting. I hope this formulation does at least half of what it claims.


Ingredients of Wow Onion Oil

Sweet Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Coconut oil, Onion seed (Black seed oil), Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) & Fragrances.


Absolutely colorless



Color of WOW Onion Oil


It has a very confusing Odor. You can actually smell a mixture of odors. It is neither pleasant not very unpleasant. And no, it does not have any smell of onions, but it does smell strong and you might not want to apply it and go out.

My Views

I would really have liked to know the quantity of each ingredient, at least of onion seed oil. Since it is being marketed as onion black seed hair oil, they should have mentioned what is the quantity of onion seed oil.

In the ingredients list, there is nowhere written ‘preservatives’. This time I can believe that there might be no preservatives. All the ingredients are oily in nature (not sure about the fragrances though); since there is no water, there might not be preservative needed. But ‘preservative free’ is a very common and successful marketing gimmick these days. If this oil does not have preservatives, how come it is not highlighted? There is nowhere mentioned that it is preservatives free.

Another question that came to my mind is that the oil claims to be non-sticky and non-greasy while all the ingredients are oily and greasy in nature. How can the mixture of many sticky and greasy oils be non-sticky and non-greasy? They might have added some ingredient(s) to counterbalance the greasiness of the oils, but any such ingredient is not mentioned on the package.

Anyway, after reading the benefits of onion black seeds for hair, I was really excited to try this out. We can make DIY hair oils and hair packs at home using onions, but we cannot make DIYs with onion seeds. So the marketed oils are our only options. And since onion seeds are this promising, we should not miss on them. So with really very high expectations, I started using WOW onion black seed hair oil.

My Experience

My first experience was the ease of its application. I was happy to see that oiling did not become messy due to its pump nozzle. My next observation was that it is NOT ‘non greasy’ as it claims. It is a viscous oil and it is sticky and greasy just like any other oil. Let me tell you in reference to coconut oil; it is more viscous than coconut oil. Then I thought that it might be non-greasy after being applied to hair, but nothing like that. It is an oil, and it does make your hair oily after application (which is fine though).

Not let’s move further. When I washed my hair (after the first use), my hair fall was around 40% less. This was remarkable. 40% decrease in hair fall just after first use is commendable. (FYI, I kept it overnight).

After the second use, there was no further decrease in hair fall. But after third use, there was around 60% reduction in hair fall. And afterwards, till two months (the total period of time for which I used this oil), the hair fall remained constant with no further improvement.

So this was all about the hair fall. Now let’s talk about the texture of the hair. This aspect has been a big disappointment. From very first wash, my hair became very dry, frizzy, and tangled (I have normal hair). I was so disappointed. Second wash onward, I used less shampoo to not to dry my hair completely. It helped, but still it was evident that the oil was making the hair dry and frizzy. I don’t understand why. Except for Onion seed oil, I know about all other ingredients that they do not cause dryness, and I don’t expect Onion seed oil too to be the cause of the dryness. Does this mean that this oil has something else too?

There may be a possibility that to counterbalance the greasiness of the oils, the formulators have added something drying in it, and the combination did not work. Instead of nullifying, the drying ingredient is working on its own separately. Although this is just a theory, but yes, this oil leaves the hair very dry and frizzy. I then tried it on my daughter’s hair too and her hair too became frizzy. Just after the first wash, I wanted to discontinue using this oil because of the poor state that this oil had put my hair in. But I continued to use it so that I can give you a fair review. But I was so frustrated with the dryness of my hair that I discontinued it after two months (I had planned to use it for three months).


  • Contains all the oils that are amazing for the hair
  • Significantly reduces hair fall
  • Convenient to dispense


  • Makes hair frizzy and dry
  • False claims
  • Very expensive

Does it fulfill its Claims

Except hair fall claim, it does not fulfill its claims. Let’s see claims wise:

  • Non-sticky, Non-greasy hair oil: No, not at all
  • For silkier hair: No
  • Stronger hair: Yes
  • Tames Frizz: A big No. On the contrary, it makes the hair very frizzy
  • Reduces Hair Fall: Yes, it does
  • Boosts Gloss: May be. I observed on my daughter that though frizzy, individual hair were more glossy
  • Balances Scalp: May be, I don’t know
  • No Mineral Oil, No Silicones: I hope
  • 100% Pure Cold Pressed Oil Blend: I hope
  • 100% Hexane free: I hope
  • Fast absorbing: No

Final Verdict

WOW Onion Black Seed Oil reduces hair fall, but makes the hair very dry and frizzy.

Rating*: 3*/5

Giving this oil a rating is very difficult. From the point of view of hair fall, I would give it a 4*/5. For the texture, I would give it 0*/5.. But I think it will be a good oil for those who have oily hair. For oily hair, I think it will be 4*/5, or may be even more. Thus, the average is 3*/5 So, I can’t really generalize.

Will I buy it again

No, Never. In fact, someone please take the left over product from me.

Do I Recommend:

For Oily Hair: Yes, you should definitely give it a try.

For Normal Hair: I don’t recommend.

For Dry Hair: Sochna bhi mat. Don’t you even dare.

You can buy this oil by clicking below:

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