My Experience with Derma Roller

In last couple of years, Derma Roller has gained a lot of attention, and it is due to the incredible claims that it makes. The claims are so attractive that at first I felt that they are too good to be true. Also, there are many risks involved too. So I never thought I would ever try this. But gradually, I saw several promising reviews about it, and finally decided to give it a try. I read about it and learnt that it comes with different sized (diameter) needles. Commonly used are 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm. I tried to be bold and took the bigger risk, I ordered 1.0 mm.

I used DRS Derma Roller. It was a random pick from amazon and it turned out to be good (by quality).

DRS Derma Roller
Details of Derma Roller

So let’s see what my experience has been with derma roller treatment.


Derma roller in inner packaging

Since I am reviewing derma roller in general and not any particular brand, packaging cannot be specified. However, one thing is common, that the needles of the roller are never in contact with the packaging. This is to avoid any contamination of the needles.


On online stores such as amazon, you will find derma rollers at a price as less as Rs. 180. Usually the price of different brands varies between Rs. 250-350.

But this is the discounted price (discounts are always on, don’t know why). Their MRPs are above Rs. 1000.

So, the derma dollars are super affordable.


As I mentioned above, derma rollers come in different needle sizes, their claims also vary. Collective claims are:

  • Stimulates collagen production,
  • Tightens skin,
  • Anti-ageing,
  • Cures acne,
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Reduces pores
  • Treats Stretch marks
  • Removal of acne pits

Mechanism of Action

Derma roller contains several sharp needles of specific diameter. When we roll the derma roller on our skin, the needles of the derma roller pierce the skin. They actually create wounds in the skin. This sends a message to the brain that this part of the skin is wounded and thus needs healing. So the body stimulates production of collagen in that particular area which leads to the effects mentioned above.

Needles of derma roller

Risks Involved

Since the needles go into the skin, derma roller is capable of spreading the infection.

Secondly, putting needles into the skin implies it will be painful (I believed). and if not used properly, it might hurt severely.

Cautions of derma roller
Instructions of derma roller

My Views

The proposed mechanism of action seemed logical. This makes sense that wounding the skin will boost the collagen production and thus will result in anti-ageing and skin tightening effects. So I decided to give it a try.

My Experience

Before I share my experience, let me give you a brief background of my skin. I actually did not have any major skin problem. I did not have acne, no acne marks, and no lines of ageing.

But I have a few minor acne pits on both my cheeks. Also, I have laughing lines around mouth, and similar but deeper lines on both sides of the nose also. These lines are due to sleeping sideways; when we sleep sideways, we get these lines. I was not bothered by laughing lines, everyone has laughing lines, but I did not like the sleeping lines. I also have severe stretch marks due to pregnancy.

So basically, I did not have any problem that I desperately wanted to solve, but the claims were so fascinating that I wanted to try it to satisfy my curiosity.

At the same time, the doubt of being painful and long list of scary precautions that comes with it were restricting me from using it. But since it is not very expensive, I just ordered it without even being sure if I want to try it or not.

I watched a few videos on YouTube on how to use it, and used it as soon as it arrived (I was so curious). As I was scared of the pain, I used it very lightly. And to my surprise, it was not painful; I only had a little tingling sensation. Though my skin felt a little hurt the next day also, but it was all bearable.

All the videos that I watched suggest to use Vitamin C serum afterwards. The concept is that since the skin is pierced, anything applied will penetrate better, and Vitamin C serum is good for anti-ageing so there will be an added effect. But I used Argon Oil (and still use argon oil only). Argon oil too is a very potent anti-ageing agent and I prefer natural agents over synthetic expensive products (Vitamin C serums are very expensive).

I started using Derma Roller in September, 2018, once a week. For months, I did not observe any difference, but i kept using it because it was not at all inconvenient and needed hardly 2 minutes.

In January, i.e. after 4 months, I started feeling that something has changed in my face. It took me a few days to realize that the lines around my nose had disappeared, and laughing lines too were lightened. Having laughing lines is okay, but getting rid of those deep sleeping lines made me so happy.

And this proved the collagen stimulating, skin tightening and anti-ageing effects of derma roller. I then focused and noticed there were no fine lines around my eyes or lips. I don’t know if I had them earlier or not (I am not yet aged), but I am convinced that continuous use of derma roller will not let them appear so soon.

But it did not change my acne pits even a bit. And then I tried it on stretch marks too; seeing no results, I gave up after 4-5 sessions (though it was too early to expect any results). Later in some YouTube video, I learnt that for acne pits and stretch marks, we need 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm derma roller.

So basically, it (1.0 mm) has only helped with lines on the face, but this only effect too is worth, more than worth in fact.

I had been using the same derma roller since then till this September, but now it started giving me acne. No matter for how long I sterilized it, it still gave me break outs every time I was using it. So I threw it away and bought a new one. Why not, it is so inexpensive. And this time, I have bought needle diameter 1.5 mm.

I will post the update of 1.5 mm size after 6 months.

This time too I ordered DRS because my earlier experience was good. But this derma roller makes a lot of noise while rolling. Rest everything is fine.


Amazing anti-ageing and skin tightening results

Very Affordable

Very Convenient to use: No mess like face masks

Very Time Effective: only once (2-3 minutes) in 7-15 days


You have to be very careful with the sterility

You might hurt yourself if you use it roughly

Does it fulfil its Claims

Depending on the size you choose, yes it does and it does it brilliantly.

Final Verdict

My final verdict about Derma Roller is: it is an amazing product. Just think, this effective at such affordable price, ease of use and all natural. There is no other thing like this.



Will I buy it again

I will buy it again when the current one will start giving me troubles. I will keep using it.

Do I Recommend

A Big YES. Just give it a try.

You can buy this product by clicking on the following link.

So this is my honest review about Derma Roller. Wait for the update about 1.5 mm derma roller.

Disclaimer: Everything I have shared here is only my experience. In no case it should be taken as expert advice. Due to the risk of infection and rough use, derma roller should be used under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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