Biotique Honey Cream Body Wash: Review

Long gone are the days of Hamam and Rexona. Even Lux had to undergo transformations to survive in the market. Soap bars are now old fashioned, and we are obsessed with shower gels which make us feel luxurious. What? You are not? Well, I am. I like shower gels much more than soap bars, mainly because they are not as drying as soaps and so I don’t need to apply oodles of moisturizer (not in summers at least) as I used to do earlier.

These days, market is full of shower gels and body washes, and I keep trying a new one every time with a hope of finding the one which fulfills my (very realistic) expectations. In my hunt for the best body wash, I came across Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating Body Wash, and after using it, I felt it is worth reviewing.

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So let’s have a look.

Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating Body Wash


Packaging is same as the signature packaging of Biotique; Cylindrical bottle. The body is white in color with dark green cap. Inside the cap, there is small fitted cap with a hole of right size. So dispensing the right amount of product is very easy. The bottle is translucent which is good because you always know how much product is left in the bottle.

But, there is an disadvantage too of this bottle. Since this cannot be squeezed, it is difficult to dispense the product when very little is left in the bottle. However, you can keep the bottle inverted to get the most out of it.

Price: Rs 180 for 190 ml.

According me, this price is just fine and affordable. Compared to other shower gels available in the market, this is neither expensive, nor inexpensive.

Claims of Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating/Lightening Body Wash


  • 100% soap free,
  • 100% botanical extracts,
  • It has therapeutic properties,
  • Ayurvedic recipe,
  • Cleanses and brightens skin for a fresher, fairer body finish
Ingredients of Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating/Lightening Body Wash


Ashwagandha, Kulanjan, Neem, Reetha, Honey, Coconut oil.

Consistency of Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating/Lightening Body Wash

Color: Pearl white

Consistency: creamy, a bit flowy

Odor: Mild soapy fragrance. Does not stay after shower.

Cleansing ability:

I did not find its cleansing action very good. But that’s fine; after all it is soap free. And most of the shower gels do not cleanse as good as soaps, because they are made very mild. You need to use Loofah to scrub and clean the skin.

My Views

According to the claims, this preparation does not contain anything other than 6 natural agents. However, this is not possible. A preparation is bound to have other excipients like preservatives, colors etc. Also, according to them, there is no soap, but the product foams wells. So there definitely is some foaming agent.

If you look at the label carefully, the percentage amount of the ingredients totals to 11.6%. That means rest 88.4% is either water or something else. Although it is perfectly fine; when we are going for a marketed body wash, we know that we are signing in for chemicals. So you can buy the product, but don’t buy it for its ‘100% Herbal’ nature, or for its effective natural ingredients (because they are present in very less amount).

My Experience

For me, the first requirement for a body wash is that it should not be drying for the skin. If the body wash is moisturizing and creamy, even better; after all, who does not like soft skin. However, I have used very creamy shower gels in past and I loved my skin after the shower, but I had to discontinue using them because they took forever to get off my skin. They were so creamy that I had to spend a lot of time and water to rinse it off and still I felt soapy later. Then there is other category which rinses off easily but leaves your skin dry and then you feel the need to apply body lotion.

Keeping that in mind, Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating Body Wash is perfectly balanced. It is not so creamy that it does not get washed off, yet it does not make your skin dry. As for the foam, it foams well. You need around one teaspoon of the product for one use and if you use loofah properly, it produces satisfactory foam.


  • Does not make the skin dry
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Affordable
  • No strong artificial smell
  • Convenient to dispense


  • Misleading labeling and claims (which is actually not a problem)

Does it fulfil its Claims

No, not at all. Let’s see claim wise:

  • 100% soap free: It may not have soap, but it surely has some foaming agent or surfactant, which is similar to soap
  • 100% botanical extracts: The herbal agents that are used may be 100% pure, but the product itself is not 100% herbal (herbal extracts constitutes only 11.6%)
  • It has therapeutic properties: I did not feel any therapeutic effect
  • Ayurvedic recipe: Again, I don’t believe
  • Cleanses and brightens skin for a fresher, fairer body finish: Not at all. No soap or body wash can make the skin fair. Cleanses? Only mildly
  • Rejuvenates: mmm…. Not really. Shower in itself is rejuvenating. I don’t think it added anything to it.

Final Verdict

As I said earlier, it is very obvious that a body wash would contain chemicals, and also that we cannot expect therapeutic, or brightening, or strong cleansing abilities from a body wash. So keeping the expectations realistic, this body wash performs very well. It foams well. It is easy to wash off. And it does not leave the skin dry; there is no need to apply body lotion afterwards (in summers). And finally, all this is at an affordable price. So according to these facts, Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating/Lightening Body Wash is almost a perfect one.

Note: Biotique Honey Cream Rejuvenating Body Wash and Biotique Bio Honey Cream Lightening Body Wash are SAME. Don’t get confused. Except for a little difference in names, everything is exactly same.

Rating*: 4.75/5

Will I buy it again:

Yes, I am already using it since long.

Do I Recommend it:

Yes. Those who still haven’t found a right one, should give it a try.

And if you have found a better one, please let me know too in the comments section.

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