Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion: My Experience and Review

How many of you have to deal with very dry skin during winters? How many of you love soft and supple skin? How many of you are still figuring out which body lotion can really help with dry skin?

Let’s directly come to the point and read how good Aveeno body lotion is.

Aveeno body lotion

In India, I had not heard about Aveeno much earlier. Last year when I went to USA, my husband had already bought Aveeno moisturizer for me. But I had taken a small bottle of some body lotion with me, and so this Aveeno was hardly used. When I came back, I brought this with me since it was a big bottle and I did not want to waste it. After coming to India too, I did not use it. Finally this winters I started using it. And within a week of use, I knew I have to review this.


It is simple and sophisticated packaging. White base with blue and black font. Bigger bottles are with pumps. There are tubes also (I checked on Nykaa and Amazon).

Price: MRP is Rs. 1300 for 354 ml.

Usually there are discounts on Amazon, and on Nykaa too. On amazon, I saw it for around Rs. 850.

The price is definitely very high.


  • Rich, yet fast absorbing,
  • Relieve itchy and extra dry skin,
  • Moisturizes for 24 hours,
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin,
  • Free of Fragrance,
  • Free of steroids,


Dimethicone (Skin protectant),

Glycerin (humectant, locks-in the moisture),

Distearyldimonium choride (moisturizing and soothing properties),

Petrolatum (it is a mineral oil, i.e. petroleum jelly; it locks-in the moisture),

Isopropyl palmitate (Lubricant, gives soft and smooth appearance to skin),

Cetyl alcohol (thickens),

Avena sativa (oat) kernel flour, oil and extract,

Benzyl alcohol (preservative),

Steareth-20 (stabilizer),

Shea butter (moisturizer),

Sodium chloride (thickening agent).

Color: White

Aveeno body lotion color


Very thick. You can see in the picture, the lotion retains its shape the way it was squeezed out of the nozzle.

Odor: No odor at all

My Views

I liked the fact that there are no unrealistic claims, like no preservatives, or 100% natural etc. Nothing else is there that raises concern.

My Experience

When I first applied it, my arm felt very moisturized, and that’s what usually happens with every body lotion. But my arm was moisturized even after few hours, unlike other body lotions. That’s when I felt that this is better than others.

It is very thick, but was absorbed into the skin completely.

Initially, I felt the need to apply this twice a day. Now, once a day feels enough.

With regular usage, that rough texture of my skin (which I get in winters) is very much improved. Now my skin feels moisturized and soft any time.

So overall, I really really liked it. No other body lotion felt good enough. But this is good enough.

Now coming to the point of price, yes, it is very expensive. So if you do not get very dry skin, I don’t suggest you to buy it. And if you have dry skin, yet some other product is working good for you, please let me know too.

And if you have very dry skin and nothing works for you, and you want to get rid of dry skin at any cost, you should surely give it a try. You can try smaller packaging first.

Where to buy it from:

As I told you, the bottle that I have was brought from USA, I do not have a clear idea of where to buy it in India. I searched on amazon.in. It is available, but many reviews say that the product is fake, while few says it’s the original one. I am confused if I should suggest you to buy it from amazon or not. Since the price is high, risk is also high. Also I don’t want you to receive a fake inefficient product and then think that I gave you a wrong review (if it is not working, it is fake; the original aveeno is definitely good). But at the same time, discounts are good at amazon.

I saw on Nykaa too. In terms of originality, Nykaa can be trusted. It is for 1100 something on Nykaa. So, you decide where you want to buy it from. Or you may try on your nearby drug and cosmetics shop too.

There are many versions, different from what I have. I think all must be equally good.


Works wonderfully


Very expensive

Does it fulfil its Claims:

Yes, absolutely. Let’s see claim wise:

  • Rich, yet fast absorbing: Yes
  • Relieve itchy and extra dry skin: Yes
  • Moisturizes for 24 hours: Yes
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin: I don’t know, my skin is not that sensitive. But I hope.
  • Free of Fragrance: Yes
  • Free of steroids: I have no way to tell this. But hoga hi.

Final Verdict

Aveeno body lotion/moisturizer is the best moisturizer out of all that I have used till now, and the most expensive also. It does its job very well.

Rating*: 4.5/5

(0.3 deducted for high price; performance wise, its 4.8 on 5)

Will I buy it again:

Yes; although I will keep trying others also hoping to find a more affordable alternative.

Do I Recommend:

Yes. If you have very dry skin and you are ready to pay the price, you should definitely try this.

And if you have found a better one, please let me know too in the comments section.

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