Nivea Creme Care Body Wash: Review

Everyone knows Nivea cold cream, one of the most popular ones. We have associated the term ‘Nivea’ with thick creamy texture and intense moisture. Let’s see how good the Nivea Creme Care body wash is.

Nivea Creme care body wash


Just like Nivea cold cream, Nivea Creme Care body wash too comes in blue packaging. Nothing specific, just a dark blue bottle with white font.

Price: Rs. 199 for 250 ml

Comparing with other body washes, this is in an affordable range.


Claims of nivea body wash

  • Moisturized skin feeling even after towel drying
  • pH skin-balanced


It says that it contains elements of Nivea crème – Pro-vitamins and care oils.

List of Ingredients is long and contains names that most of you won’t recognize. So I am mentioning only the important ones:

  • Sodium Laureth sulphate
  • Glycerine
  • Cocamidopropyl Betain
  • PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate,
  • Glyceryl Glucoside
  • Lanolin Alcohol (Eucerit)
  • Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) seed oil
  • PEG-200
  • Benzyl alcohol (preservative)

Color: White

Consistency: Creamy, a bit flowy

Odor: Same as Nivea cold cream

Cleansing ability

Like most of the body washes, cleansing ability of Nivea Crème Body Wash for women too is just fine. You need to use Loofah for satisfactory cleansing.

My Views

First thing I noticed was the fragrance. Body washes or gels usually have a refreshing smell, lemony, fruity, or something like that; but this smells like of cream. It is written on the package that it contains essence of Nivea cream, so that justifies the smell. And the fragrance overall is pleasant.

Another point, the list of ingredients clearly mentions “Sodium Laureth Sulphate”, and the pack nowhere mentions that it is soap free, or preservative free, etc., unlike most of the new brands. As I always say that it is not possible for a product to not to contain preservative and surfactant (in case of cleansers), I like the fact that Nivea is not trying to fool the consumers.

My Experience

I started using Nivea Crème body wash around 3-4 years ago, and even now it is my favorite. The reason is that it is the creamiest of all that I have used so far. It feels creamy while using and it leaves the skin moisturized. So in that context, it is the best. Glycerine, Lanolin, PEGs etc. are responsible for the creaminess and hydration of skin.

But but but… it has one disadvantage too. Since it is so creamy, it is difficult to get rinsed off. You need more time and more water to rinse it off. This is the price you pay for a luxurious, creamy shower and a hydrated skin.

Overall, it is very good for winters because it does not make skin dry. And if you are okay with spending a little more time and water, it is actually the best. I am okay with it, and thus, if not for the review purpose, I still use this only in winters.

Since it contains glycerine, please do not use if you have acne.


Does not make the skin dry

Feels very creamy and luxurious


Pleasant smell

No misleading labelling


Difficult to rinse

Does it fulfil its Claims

Yes, it does. I like the fact that it does not make unrealistic claims.

Final Verdict

It is overall the best body wash that I have ever used. It is especially good for winters.

Rating*: 4.7/5

Will I buy it again: Yes.

Do I Recommend:

Yes. I especially recommend this to those having dry skin, and for winters.

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