Meal Plan for 10-12 months Babies

On completion of 10 months, you can basically start giving almost everything, except salt, sugar, honey, animal milk, and highly citrus fruits. So now, you can add the following things too in the list (for previous lists, Click Here and Click Here):

Urad Dal

Urad Dal is very nutritious having high amounts of proteins. It also provides Calcium, Iron and many Vitamins.

It should be avoided before 10 months because it may cause gas.


Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, Vitamin K, and Iron.

Due to its acidic nature, it should be started after 10 months, and should be given in less amounts.


Zucchini provides Vitamin C and Antioxidants. It has many other health benefits too. Just make sure that it is not bitter.


Onion is a very healthy vegetable. Loaded with antioxidants, it improves immunity and prevents from many ailments.


Now when the baby (hopefully) is able to chew a bit, softened chapatti can also be given.

Finger Food

Now you can try giving finger foods like boiled potato, carrot, broccoli etc., and soft food to chew, like cheela, idli etc.

  • If you give idli, uttapam etc., please make the batter naturally fermented and do not use Eno or baking soda. Fermented food should be given in moderation.
  • In all the Porridge, you can and you should add vegetables whichever are available at home, including tomato. It is good to add garlic too.
  • By now, you must be adding Ghee also.
  • You can also add crumbled Paneer.

Here is a sample meal plan:

Scroll the Table sideways if not completely visible.

Day 1Besan HalwaArhar Dal with ChapatiAny fruitVegetable Rice
Day 2Makhana KheerCurd RiceAny fruitMoong Dal with Wheat Flour Cheela
Day 3Carrot/Pumpkin HalwaQuinoa PorridgeAny fruitArhar Dal with Daliya
Day 4Carrot/Pumpkin HalwaUrad Dal with ChapatiAny fruitBoiled Broccoli and Potato
Day 5Carrot/Pumpkin HalwaDal RiceAny fruitBoiled Broccoli and Potato
Day 6Sabudana with Dates KheerCurd with vegetable and ChapatiAny fruitBoiled Broccoli and Potato
Day 7Ragi KheerOats porridgeAny fruitVegetable Daliya
Day 8Sooji KheerDal Spinach with RiceAny fruitMix Vegetables with Chapati
Day 9Besan HalwaVegetable DaliyaAny fruitMoong Dal with vegetables
Day 10Quinoa KheerChhole with RiceAny fruitMix Vegetables Puree with Oats
Day 11Ragi with Dates HalwaUrad dal with ChapatiAny fruitBeetroot and Besan Cheela
Day 12Makhana KheerBlack Chana Gravy with RiceAny fruitMoong Dal with Chapati
Day 13Sooji with Dates HalwaSpinach and Vegetables Puree with Besan CheelaAny fruitSooji with Vegetable Upma
Day 14Pumpkin HalwaDal with Oats PorridgeAny fruitQuinoa Porridge
Day 15Pumpkin HalwaDal Palak with RiceAny fruitBesan Cheela with Vegetable
Day 16Ragi + Carrot/Pumpkin HalwaMasoor Dal KhichdiAny fruitBroccoli gravy with Chapati
Day 17Sooji  + Carrot/Pumpkin HalwaRajma with Sooji UpmaAny fruitBroccoli gravy with Chapati
Day 18Ragi + Carrot/Pumpkin HalwaDal Spinach with ChapatiAny fruitBroccoli gravy with Chapati
Day 19Sabudana PorridgeOats PorridgeAny fruitMix Vegetables Puree with Rice
Day 20Oats KheerCurd RiceAny fruitOats Upma
Day 21Besan HalwaRajma with DaliyaAny fruitMoong Dal Khichdi
Day 22Sooji KheerBlack gram gravy with riceAny fruitSooji Cheela with Vegetables
Day 23Quinoa KheerSabudana PorridgeAny fruitVegetable Daliya
Day 24Sabudana KheerOats PorridgeAny fruitMix Vegetables with Wheat flour Cheela
Day 25Makhana KheerCurd RiceAny fruitRagi Porridge
Day 26Sweet PotatoChickpea paste with Ragi CheelaAny fruitOats Upma
Day 27Sweet PotatoDal RiceAny fruitQuinoa Porridge
Day 28Sweet PotatoSabudana UpmaAny fruitMoong Dal with Chapati
Day 29Sooji KheerQuinoa PorridgeAny fruitArhar Dal Khichdi
Day 30Besan HalwaOats PorridgeAny fruitRagi Cheela

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